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Hemp and Industry. There are over 25'000 known uses for hemp.

Industrial hemp is a hemp varietal which has been cultivated specifically for industrial production, and it has a minimum of the psychoactive substances associated with the genus, most n Interesting facts about Hemp - Hempfy - Premium Cannabis Tonic. The paintings of Vincent Van Gogh and Rembrandt were regularly painted on hemp canvases. Hemp and Industry. There are over 25'000 known uses for hemp. On an annual basis, 1 acre of hemp will produce as much fiber as 2 to 3 acres of cotton. Hemp fiber is stronger and softer than cotton, lasts twice as long as cotton, and will not mildew.

So you think you know what Hemp is? Think again! In this piece, we'll be taking an in-depth look at 7 amazing facts everyone should know about our oldest companion species, Cannabis. Historically when Cannabis has been utilised as an industrial resource it has been known by the term Hemp.…

Hemp can produce 4 times as much paper as trees can. Hemp plants are Tags:hemp facts. 20 Jun 2016 Here are some interesting facts about hemp and its uses and legality.

1) The Holy Bible: The very first Bibles were printed on hemp paper. In the 15th century, the Gutenberg Bible was printed on hemp paper primarily due to its ability to resist mold, mildew, fungus, dry rot and bookworms (pests, moths, termites, etc) that would often contaminate libraries devouring and ruining thousands of books in that time period.

Leaves are green and serrated on the edges. Top 5 Interesting Facts About Saturn - Top 5 Interesting Facts About Saturn: Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some interesting facts on The Top Five interesting facts about the Saturn.

Scientists in Europe and North America concluded that hemp seed is an excellent source of nutrition. Numerous anecdotal incidences cited improvements in a wide range of acute and chronic conditions such as rapid healing of skin lesions and relief from flu, inflammation, and allergies. 10 Amazing Facts About Hemp! - Discover Health Hemp has been making recent headway in the news as it has both practical and wellness purposes. It has also been heralded for its versatility to be used in textiles, fabrics, and commercial structures. However, this is not recent news and hemp has a lengthy and rich history. Here are some fascinating facts about hemp.

Top 5 Facts about CBD | Joy Organics These five facts about CBD are a great way to get you started and offer a better insight into the complex world of CBD. If you’re looking for even more knowledge about CBD, head on over to our blog, where we have tons of info about CBD and much, much more. 31 Amazing Hemp Facts You'll Hardly Believe are True! - Healthy In addition to all those amazing and wonderful uses for hemp, there are tons of amazing hemp facts you’ll be interested to know. Hemp Facts – Around the Globe.

Your risk of getting addicted is higher if you start using it in your teens or use it  10. Hemp CBD Oil May Reduce Inflammation and Can Help Autoimmune Disease This makes it great for older dogs that are fighting pain and stiffness, as well  Hemp is a close relative of marijuana, plant that is used as recreational drug. Unlike marijuana, hemp Interesting Hemp Facts: Hemp has slender stem that can  8 Apr 2019 10 odd facts about marijuana that you probably never knew conundrum for William Shakespeare, for it seems one of the greatest playwrights  5 Aug 2019 These hemp seeds nutrition facts are very impressive! On another note, one acre of hemp can produce as much paper as 4–10 acres of trees.

Hemp Facts and Statistics | National Hemp Association Here is a short list of general facts about hemp. • Hemp is thought to be the first domestically-cultivated plant, with evidence of hemp fabric dating to 8,000 years ago found in Turkey (former-day Mesopotamia). Other evidence suggests cultivation further back by two or more thousands of years. Top 5 CBD Hemp Capsules 2019 - Consumer Health Digest At this point, you know more about CBD and its uses.

(THC), and its use has been marginalized to a great extent. than doses of 2.5 or five grams, and that the hemp seed pill treatment was Here are some key facts about the incredible health benefits this superfood offers:. Research shows that 10% of regular cannabis users become dependent on it.

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Our experts reveal 10 super unique CBD facts you may be surprised to learn about.